Cinegetics was born in 2107 as a personal blog with the sole purpose of transmitting trough reflections, photos and videos, all those feelings that are born in the depths of the heart of a hunter in love with the wild mountains. Initially it was created to share my vision of hunting that, being a person very identified with the values ​​of effort, perseverance, sacrifice, (for me key pillars to achieve the true flavors of success in any field of life) and very Aware that beauty is always on the way, I decided in its day to undertake this journey that has led me to know mountains and wonderful people.

Currently Cinegetics has become a way of understanding hunting that is shared by thousands of hunters from all over the world, a kind of emblem that represents a series of ethical behaviors, a common philosophy of many hunters who are really interested in transmit to the new generations all those values ​​that should never be lost, those that were instilled with care by our parents and grandparents. Today it is a community of hunters committed to showing the world the true essence of our way of life, aware that this is the only way to ensure a future for hunting in hostile modern times.

There is something that unites all of us who feel this with true passion, an undeniable atavistic bond that is transmitted century after century among hunters who have this pasion deep in their souls.

Thank you all for everything and always into the wild routes …