I am currently preparing the new chapters of the second season of Hacia Rutas Salvajes, a series of hunting reports in which I travel around Spain showing its wonderful corners, towns, places and people.

My intention in this second season is to bring out new faces and make known more hunters and hunting companies who share the values ​​of Cinegetics, giving the possibility of showing through hunting adventures videos all the passion, sensitivity, dedication and effort that surrounds the world of real hunting, ethical and committed hunting.

The objective of this project is to try to collaborate in the recovery of the respect that hunting has been losing little by little in our country, facilitating the understanding and understanding of our activity by a society increasingly disconnected from the rural world. I think there is no better way to achieve this than through the screen where thousands of people receive a direct and clear message daily through my networks.

Hunting is the most noble, respectful and natural way to put a plate of food on the table and has an intrinsic relationship with effort, sacrifice and freedom, to the point that if there is no freedom, there is no game.

I believe that a joint involvement in defense of hunting values ​​is essential if we want our children to have any chance to enjoy the free and wild mountains as we did.

If you are interested in participating, do not hesitate to contact me.